Conoce ICIL

Founded in 1980, Fundación ICIL is the Spanish primary supply chain management brand for business applications, development, education training and diffusion.

In addition to our main offices in Spain (Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Bilbao), our initial expansion strategy in the Latin American market now brings us to Panama City, Bogota, Lima, Santiago, and Mexico´s CDMX.

Our Board regroups executives from highly performing companies such as Desigual, Mahou San Miguel, CTC Group, Seat, Quimidroga, Gallo, Tools Group, Everis, Isdin.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to be the Centre for Innovation and/or Change among the industry´s leaders:
In extended supply chain management
In Spain and Latin America
Throughout the professional´s career
To offer broad-spectrum solutions, from traditional to innovative,
and to address all profile needs: from Operational to Executive


Consulting: professional advice, coaching/mentoring, consulting
ICIL aims at leading the sector´s breakthroughs in research, innovation and diffusion.
We want social institutions to mark our engagement and footprint. We will inspire community building.

Our reach

More than 1200 professionals and 300 businesses are currently associate members of ICIL. We have trained over 15.000 executives nationwide.

ICIL also conducts many studies in logistics research on behalf of its associate members and public institutions.

Thanks to our wide range of experts in all the areas of business logistics, and to our non-profit body status, many businesses and associations call on us for advice and consultancy projects. ICIL acts as the technical secretary of all the logistics standardization committees of Anor (the regional delegation of AENOR).

We collaborate with SIL Barcelona (exhibition for logistics, transport, intralogistics and supply chain in Southern Europe), and HISPACK Madrid (international packaging and logistics exhibition).

ICIL is also a collaborating entity of several Departments of the Generalitat de Catalunya Government, and of the Ministries of the State Government.

ICIL´s Strategic Plan promotes the analysis, and supports the development of logistics from the company´s and professionals´ perspective and needs in every area of the activity – while supporting innovation and competition: We favor the creation of area committees for the leading business professionals to unite.

Training at all levels and areas of specialization

ICIL offers classroom and online training at all levels and areas of specialization in the supply chain:
Master in Supply Chain.
Executive training
Specialization Case studies
Management Development
Symposiums and Seminars
Diffusion Webinars
Gamificación and simulations
Six Sigma Certification
In-company training

Fundación ICIL supports forums for the exchange of information, experience, and best practices in business logistics and the supply chain, and has created its own strategic think tank.

Visibility and Outreach

Visits to high ranking businesses
Professional meetings
(ICIL debates)
Present at trade shows and congresses
Excellence Awards
Online loans magazine
Social Networks

Master of Supply Chain Management Executive

Fundación ICIL is proud to celebrate the 100th edition of our Executive Master in Supply Chain Management.


• To gain full knowledge of the tools and mechanisms of a highly performing supply chain
• Supply chain management and new technologies
• Business opportunities and innovative processes
• Understanding the business impact of operational decision-making – Real analysis.


Supply Chain / Logistics Technicians in all areas, interested in broad spectrum training in supply chain operations, and in building a career


ICIL´S Faculty offer a unique course with real case studies and problem-solving situations, context simulations and onsite visits to ranking companies. Industry experts take part in our Masterclass programs and showcase their company´s success.

A third of our classroom training time is dedicated to case studies and the analysis of new Supply chain options.

Our teaching schedule – Friday evenings and Saturday mornings – is compatible with your professional career development schedule.

Educational Institutions Agreements

ICIL holds agreements with Spain´s most prestigious higher education institutions.